Cheat Codes

Valken 2-Assault Suits
Credits: Leo
(52 Cheats)
(1346 Hits)
D00ABA60 ????
Infinite Health P1
300A961E 008C
Infinite Health P2
300AAEAA 008C
Absolutely Everything Unlocked [Note 1]
80097EF0 FFFF
30097EF2 001F
80097EF4 0382
30097EF6 0005
80097EF8 FFFF
30097EFA 001F
30097EFD 0009
30097EFE 0001
80097F26 0101
Motion Capture Change Codes [Note 2]
P1's Motions:
300A0510 00??
300A923E 00??
Set 1:
D00A9134 FFFE
300ADD5C 0015
300ADD5E 0015
D00A9134 DFFE
3011868C 0003
30118708 0003
D00A9134 7FFE
300B8DA8 0054
D00A9134 EFFE
300B8DA8 0056
D00A9134 DFFE
300B8DA8 0057
Set 2:
D00A9134 BFFE
300B8DA8 0055
D00A915E 7FFE
300B8E54 0054
300B8E54 0056
300B8E54 0057
300B8E54 0055
D00ADC84 000F
300ADC84 0000
D00ADC84 0010
300ADC84 000E
Set 3:
D00ADC84 0011
300ADC84 0006
D00ADC84 0012
300ADC84 000C
Play as the Force Mode enemies IN Force Mode [Note 4]
300ADD5C 0015
D00A9134 DFFE
3011868C 0003
Replace the Force Mode Enemies' Moves With Better Ones Codes [Note 5]
D00ADD5C 0015
300A0510 00??
D00ADD5C 0015
300A923E 00??
Background Select [Note 6]
300ADC84 00??
Play as the CPU in Arcade Mode [Note 7]
300AAB79 0000
CPU's Back Is Always Turned [Note 8]
300AAB7B 0001
No Black BGs (For True Ogre fights) [Note 9]
300AFAA0 0000
Inivisible Life Bar [Note 10]
300AE200 0000
Super Ridiculous Code [Note 11]
300ADC19 0000
Super Ultra Top-Secret Code! Codes [Note 12]
Set 1:
D00A8F6C 10AC
800B8E94 4556
D00A8F6C 10AC
800B8E96 5352
D00A8F6C 10AC
800B8E98 5355
D00A8F6C 10AC
800B8E9A 4220
D00A8F6C 10AC
800B8E9C 4F4F
D00A8F6C 10AC
800B8E9E 534B
D00A8F6C 10AC
800B8EA0 0000
Set 2:
D00A8F6C 10AC
800B8F0C 0000
D00A8F6C 10AC
800B8F20 4B53
D00A8F6C 10AC
800B8F22 4C49
D00A8F6C 10AC
800B8F24 214C
D00A8F6C 10AC
800B8F26 0021
D00A8F6C 10AC
800B8F28 4F52
D00A8F6C 10AC
800B8F2A 4B43
Set 3:
D00A8F6C 10AC
800B8F2C 2053
D00A8F6C 10AC
800B8F2E 4957
D00A8F6C 10AC
800B8F30 4854
D00A8F6C 10AC
800B8F32 0020
No Health P1
300A961E 0000
No Health P2
300AAEAA 0000
25% Health P1
D00A961E 008C
800A961E 0023
25% Health P2
800AAEAA 0023
50% Health P1
D00A961E 008C
800A961E 0046
50% Health P2
800AAEAA 0046
75% Health P1
D00A961E 008C
800A961E 0069
75% Health P2
800AAEAA 0069
1-Hit Death P1
D00A961E 008C
800A961E 0001
1-Hit Death P2
800AAEAA 0001
Grip Of Death P1
800A9282 0017
Infinite Supercharge P1
800A934A 006F
800A9286 00FF
Infinite Force Mode Time
Skin Modifier
800A9244 00??
Costume Modifier [Note 13]
800ADD98 00??
Neon Glow
Play 5 Stages In Force Mode Instead Of 4 [Note 14]
80097F18 0103
P1 Is Dr. Boskonovitch
300ADD5C 0013
P2 Is Always Computer Controled
300AAB79 0001
P1 Press L1 To Gain Power P1 (GS 2.2 Or Higher Needed!)
D00A9130 0004
200A961E 0001
P1 Press L2 To Lose Power P1 (GS 2.2 Or Higher Needed!)
D00A9130 0001
210A961E 0001
P1 Press R1 To Gain Power P2 (GS 2.2 Or Higher Needed!)
D00A9130 0008
200AAEAA 0001
P1 Press R2 To Lose Power P2 (GS 2.2 Or Higher Needed!)
D00A9130 0002
210AAEAA 0001
Hit Anywhere (Both Players) [Note 15]
80047786 2400
800477F6 2400
80047BA2 2400
Infinite Supercharge P2
800AABD6 006F
800AAB12 00FF
Max Health Modifier P1
800A9622 ????
Max Health Modifier P1
800AAEAE ????
Max Power Bar P1 (Ball Mode)
800F1C14 0064
No Power Bar P1 (Ball Mode)
800F1C14 0000
Max Power Bar P2 (Ball Mode)
800F1C16 0064
No Power Bar P2 (Ball Mode)
800F1C16 0000
Quantity Digits to Accompany Background Change Modifier Code
00 - Stage 1
01 - Stage 2
02 - Stage 3
03 - Stage 4
04 - Stage 5
05 - Stage 6
06 - Stage 7
07 - Stage 8
08 - Stage 9
09 - Stage 10
Quantity Digits to Accompany Background Change Modifier Code
00 - Paul's Background
01 - Law's Background
02 - Yoshimitsu's Background
03 - Xiaoyu's Background
04 - Hwoarang's Background
05 - Lei's Background
06 - Ogre's Background
07 - School Background
08 - Jin's Background
09 - Nina's Background
0A - Eddy's Background
0B - King's Background
0C - Heihachi's Background
0D - Gon's Background
0E - Dr. Boskonovitch's Background
Quantity Digits to Accompany Motion Capture Change Modifier Codes
00 - Paul's Moves
01 - Law's Moves
02 - Lei's Moves
03 - King's Moves
04 - Yoshimitsu's Moves
05 - Nina's Moves
06 - Hwoarang's Moves
07 - Xiaoyu's Moves
08 - Eddy & Tiger's Moves
09 - Jin's Moves
0A - Julia's Moves
0B - Kuma & Panda's Moves
0C - Bryan's Moves
0D - Heihachi's Moves
0E - Ogre & True Ogre's Moves
0F - None (This is where Mokujin's moves would go, but he has none!)
10 - Gun Jack's Moves
11 - Anna's Moves
12 - Dr. Boskonovitch's Moves
13 - Gon's Moves
14 - Force Mode Enemies' Moves
Quantity Digits to Accompany Costume Modifier Code
00 - First Costume
01 - Second Costume
02 - Third Costume
Quantity Digits to Accompany Skin Modifier Code
00 - Paul (First Costume)
01 - Paul (Second Costume)
02 - N/A
03 - Law (First Costume)
04 - (Glitch)
05 - Lei (First Costume)
06 - King (First Costume)
07 - King (Second Costume)
08-25 - N/A
26 - Xiaoyu (Third Costume)
Note 1:
With this code, you get, all 22 characters, including Tiger. All secret costumes (press "Start" to select them - the characters that have them are Jin, Eddy, Law, Xiaoyu, Anna, and Gun Jack), Tekken Ball Mode, Theater Mode with all endings, including Gun Jack's good ending. And uou can save this stuff to Memory Card when the code is active, by the way.
Note 2:
With this code, it replaces your character's motion capture with another character's. In other words, this allows you to use another character's moves. This way, you can play, for example, Xiaoyu with Ogre's moves. Replace the two "xx"s in the codes below with the number corresponding to the character's moves you'd like to have. Both "xx"s must have the same number in them. The list of numerals corresponding to the moves can be found here. With this code active, every character you choose will play like the character whose moves you've selected.This code has some drawbacks. These are: 1.) If you Continue in Arcade Mode, your character will revert back to his or her normal moves. As soon as you reach the next stage, however, they will change back to what you've chosen via the code. 2.) If you play more than one match in VS Mode, your moves will revert back to normal. To fix this, simply Soft Reset (Select+Start) after each match you play in VS Mode, then go back into VS Mode. 3.) Sometimes you cannot play against the character whose moves you're using. Example: If you've selected Jin, and the code's given you Eddy's moves, if you fight against Eddy the game may occasionally crash. Usually it doesn't, so you can take the risk.
Note 3:
With this code, it will allow you to play as the four Force Mode enemies, Crow, Falcon, Hawk and Owl. One thing you MUST keep in mind when using this code is that you must play one normal match in any mode before selecting these characters. If you don't, the game will crash. This code works for both 1P and 2P. Here's how to use it: In Arcade, Practice, Time Attack and Survival Modes: 1.) Start a match in any mode using any character EXCEPT one of the Force Mode enemies. 2.) Soft Reset (Start+Select) 3.) At the character select screen, choose any character*. As soon as you've chosen, press and hold Select until the matchup screen appears. * Press Square to choose Crow, press X to choose Falcon, Press Triangle to choose Hawk and press Select+Circle to choose Owl. In VS, Team Battle and Tekken Ball Modes: 1.) Start a match in any mode using any character EXCEPT one of the Force Mode enemies. 2.) Soft Reset (Start+Select) 3.) At the character select screen, Press Select+Square to choose Crow, Press Select+X to choose Falcon, Press Select+Triangle to choose Hawk, Press Select+Circle to choose Owl. This code comes in three sets. Input all three sets exactly as they appear here, with each in their own code slot. Make sure all three sets are active when you use this code. The Force Mode enemies' move set is somewhat pathetic. They can't jump, can't duck, and can only dash, not walk. They have painfully few moves as well, so I recommend replacing their moves with the code below, "Replace Force Mode Enemies' Moves With Better Ones." If you do decide to keep the Force Mode enemies' original moves, remember this astonishingly simple 75% damage combo: Down-towards + RP , Down-towards + RP, Down-towards + RP. Important Notes: Don't select "Command" from the Pause menu when playing one of the Force Mode enemies. If you do, the game may crash. This code does not work with Force Mode. If you enter Force Mode with this code active the game will crash. Use the code below to play as Crow, Falcon, Hawk and Owl in Force Mode. Play as the Force Mode enemies IN Force Mode
Note 4:
With this code, to use, enter Force Mode and choose any character. Press Square to choose Crow, press X to choose Falcon, press Triangle to choose Hawk, and press Select+Circle to choose Owl. This code is for Player 1 only. Do not use this code with any mode other than Force Mode.
Note 5:
The Force Mode enemies' moves are pretty poor. With this code, you can replace them with those of any other character. Replace both "xx"s with the same number. Pick them from this list. This code has the same drawbacks as the Motion Capture Change code, which you can read about above.
Note 6:
With this code, you will ALWAYS fight on the background you choose. Replace "xx" with the background of your choice from this list. Note that this code will crash Force Mode.
Note 7:
With this code, the P2 pad will control the opponent in 1P Arcade Mode! This can be a fun alternative to Versus Mode with a friend... one person controls a single character, while the other gets to control each opponent... all the way up to True Ogre! It's fun!
Note 8:
With this code, the 2P side character's back will always be turned. It's fun to play the CPU this way - Watch them flail about and not be able to hit you! Remember, however, if you sidestep around you can get the CPU to face you, so watch out. This works in any mode, by the way. Try it on an unsuspecting friend!
Note 9:
With this code, it will remove the darkness that covers BGs during True Ogre fights. Since there are now polygons being used to display the BG, prepare for a tad more breakup, especially during a True Ogre VS. True Ogre match.
Note 10:
With this code, it makes the life bars invisible, allowing for some interesting matches... you never know when you're about to die!
Note 11:
With this code, you thought my RE2 Super Ridiculous Codes were crazy? Ah, you have no idea of the mania that awaits you! With this code active, simply start a match in any mode except Force Mode and let the insanity begin!
Note 12:
With this code, nope, I'm not telling you what this code does. You'll have to see for yourself. Be sure to enter each set (there are three) in its own code slot in the exact order they appear here, and make sure all three are ON when you start the game. One mistake could cause the whole code to not work, so be careful! Also, don't expect too much with this code... it's just for fun. And don't worry, you should be able to see what effect it has instantly! Note that you must have everything unlocked to use this code. If you don't, nothing will happen. Make sure you load a saved game with everything unlocked or have the "Absolutely Everything Unlocked" code active at the same time.
Note 13:
With this code, not all Characters have a 3rd costume so if you activate the 3rd costume on a character that doesn't have one then it will lock up the game.
Note 14:
With this code, it will only work if Dr. Boskonovitch has NOT been enabled. Code #38 can be saved to memory. If you are "unlocking everything" with code #3, change the last two digits of line "3009-7EF2-001F" to "17". Code "3009-7EF2-001F" can be made as a seperate code to enable the last character whenever you want to use him. To play all 5 stages as Dr. Boskonovitch, use with code #39.
Note 15:
With this code, it allows both players to hit, make contact, with each other no matter where they are on the screen.