Game Saves

Final Fantasy X
(19 Saves)
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Total Game Saves
Filename: FF10[01]
Filesize: 14,333 Bytes
Description: Save 01-Start At Sin-Tower of the Dead. Have Legendary Weapons/All Items/Skills/Movies/Music
Download: Here
Filename: FF10[14]
Filesize: 12,161 Bytes
Description: Save 14-Start At Kilika-Dock. You'll See A Cut-Scene Where Yuna Performs Her Sendings On The Dead To The Farplane.
Download: Here
Filename: FF10[06]
Filesize: 13,440 Bytes
Description: Save 06-Start At Bevelle-Passage Of Cleansing. Here You Will Solve The Puzzles Of The Cloister Of Trials.
Download: Here
Filename: FF10[02]
Filesize: 13,742 Bytes
Description: Save 02-Start At Airship-Bridge. Here You Battle Against Sin.
Download: Here
Filename: FF10[08]
Filesize: 13,387 Bytes
Download: Here
Filename: FF10[03]
Filesize: 12,558 Bytes
Description: Save 03-Start At Gagazet-Mountain Cave. Defeat The Sanctuary Keeper For Cut Scene With Yuna & Rikku.
Download: Here
Filename: FF10[05]
Filesize: 13,462 Bytes
Description: Save 05-Start At Macalania Woods-Campsite. Find Yuna In The Pond For Romantic Scene With Tidus & Yuna.
Download: Here
Filename: FF10[13]
Filesize: 12,775 Bytes
Description: Save 13-Start At Mushroom Rock-Precipice. Talk To Luzzu To See A Scene Where Wakka Punches Him In The Face.
Download: Here
Filesize: 14,655 Bytes
Description: Highest Level Characters/Equipment & Saved In Sin Before Final Battle
Download: Here
Filename: FF10[12]
Filesize: 12,779 Bytes
Description: Save 12-Start At Mushroom Rock-Ridge. Talk To Gatta To Decide His Fate After The Events Of Mushroom Rock.
Download: Here
Filename: FF10[07]
Filesize: 13,427 Bytes
Description: Save 07-Start At Airship-Cabin. After Defeating Evrae, You Must Stop Seymour From Wedding Yuna When At Bevelle.
Download: Here
Filesize: 14,373 Bytes
Description: Saved In Sin With Max Sphere Level, All Skills, Lot Of Gil, 99 Underdogs From Rin (For Albhed Language Learning)
Download: Here
Filename: FF10[15]
Filesize: 11,966 Bytes
Description: Save 15-Start At Besaid-Crusader Lodge. Proceed To The Temple & Later See A Scene With Yuna & Tidus.
Download: Here
Filesize: 13,355 Bytes
Description: Start At The Final Battle
Download: Here
Filename: FF10[04]
Filesize: 13,608 Bytes
Description: Save 04-Start At Gagazet-Mountain Gate. Defeat Biran & Yenke As Kimahri Alone.
Download: Here
Filename: FF10[10]
Filesize: 12,894 Bytes
Description: Save 10-Start At Moonflow-North Wharf. You'll Have Rikku In Your Party On Your Way To Guadosalam.
Download: Here
Filename: FF10[09]
Filesize: 13,086 Bytes
Description: Save 09-Start At Guadosalam-Inn. Proceed To Thunder Plains To See Some Scenes With Rikku Frightened By Lightnings.
Download: Here
Filename: FF10[11]
Filesize: 12,822 Bytes
Description: Save 11-Start At Djose Temple. Talk To Yuna To See A Funny Scene Where Yuna's Guardians Are Teasing Yuna About Her Hair.
Download: Here
Filesize: 11,598 Bytes
Description: Start New Game With MysicalOS's Sphere Grid Design For Getting Max Stats/Abilities
Download: Here