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Nintendo 64 Activator Command Page

General FAQ's
Welcome to the FAQ on Nintendo Activator Codes.
1) What is the Activator?
It is a code whose address is a position in RAM, that tells when a button on the controller is pressed!
2) Does every game have an Activator?
Yes, EVERY GAME has an Activator, but some are non-normal though!
3) What does an Activator do?
It is used to avoid lockups during the intros or varios places in the game, or when you only want to activate codes at a certain time and not constantly have the effect of the code. ITS PURPOSE IS TO ACTIVATE CODES AT THE TOUCH OF A BUTTON!
4) Can you activate all codes from an Activator?
As of NOW, No! It will only activate the code that is below it, when you press the correct button on Controller 1.
5) Once I Have The Activator in, How do I Use it?
When you press the button/s specified by the Quantity Digits below, the value that you change the '????' to, inside of the game, it will activate the code you have put in under the Activator code.
6) When Entering an Activator.
Be sure to enter the code that you want the Activator to Activate RIGHT UNDERNEATH of the Activator code!
Say you have Infinite Health for a game. the Infinite Health code is, 8012C04C 00AA, and the Activator is D0012876 00??., and it is a Normal Activator. And in the game, Z doesnt do anything! Well, take a look at the Quantity Digits and you will see that Select is value 20 for a Normal Activator. So you enter the following codes, D0012876 0020, and under it 8012C04C 00AA. Now when you are in the game with this code on, when you press Z it will refill you energy! Or if you hold Z and no other buttons it will give you Infinite Health! HOWEVER, once you let go of Z, you no longer have Infinite Health, so get a little farther in the level, you notice that you have lost some energy, so press Z to FILL back up your energy. And so on!
Quantity Digits For Buttons
Normal Activator 1 Codes:
00 - No Buttons
01 - Right Directional Pad
02 - Left Directional Pad
04 - Down Directional Pad
08 - Up Directional Pad
10 - Start Button
20 - Z Button
40 - B Button
80 - A Button
Multi Buttons - To use any combination of buttons, like, press Right Directional and Z to enable the codes. Just add the two digits up for Right Directional and Z. 01 plus 21 equal 21, so 21 would enable the codes when you push Right Directional and Z on the Controller 1
Normal Activator 2 Codes:
00 - No Buttons
01 - C Right Button
02 - C Left Button
04 - C Down Button
08 - C Up Button
10 - R Button
20 - L Button
Multi Buttons - Same as Activator 1!
Dual Activator Codes:
NOTE: To use these codes, 'D1' at the beginning, you must have Version 3.0 or higher for Nintendo 64!
0000 - No Buttons
0001 - C Right Button
0002 - C Left Button
0004 - C Down Button
0008 - C Up Button
0010 - R Button
0020 - L Button
0100 - Right Directional Pad
0200 - Left Directional Pad
0400 - Down Directional Pad
0800 - Up Directional Pad
1000 - Start Button
2000 - Z Button
4000 - B Button
8000 - A Button
Multi Buttons - Same as Activator 1 & 2!