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Sony PlayStation Anti-Mod Page

Welcome to the FAQ on Anti-Mod codes for Sony PlayStation.
It just so happens that some new Sony Playstation games have had some protection on them to blockout piracy and such things, which if this would have worked for that purpose, would have been good, but it means that anyone with a modchip can't play the game, even if their cd wasn't pirated. Well, we will continue to strive to let the gamer's that bought the game, play their game with no problem. We are not stepping on anyone's toes here, we just want to be able to play the game we spent XX Dollars for..
The only other thing to keep noted. If you can't get the Enable Code to work, then the problem probably is: You don't have a high enough Cheat Device version to use these codes. If you have Cheat Device 2.41 or Higher, and the codes don't work, you need to add the code "C1000000 0000" and it will work. The codes out there that we make, will be compatible with all territory PSX systems, NTSC/PAL, USA, JAPAN, EUROPE, etc.. And it will work with all modchips and stealth modchips that "aren't" working anymore as well.
We are very dedicated, we don't care if it takes hours at a time, we will do it!
Thanx for supporting CMGSCCC!!