Cheat Codes

March Of The Penguins
Credits: RS
(2 Cheats)
(2069 Hits)
With this game, it will not read thru the Code Breaker DS.
1) You need to boot up the Code Breaker DS with no cartridge plugged into it.
2) Add the cheats using the Cheat Management system, then when finished save the changes to your Code Breaker DS.
3) Eject the Code Breaker DS and insert your game directly into the NDS slot on your DS/DS Lite.
4) It should read the game properly now, goto Select Cheats.
5) Select the cheats you want to use and Start the game like normal.

Enable Code (Must Be On)
0000E5BD 41514C45
78122E46 F6EBDF98
37F94A10 061309B9
Infinite Time
7432F881 2D3DF263
9638B73E FD2E3867
EDADE9BC 751812D6
Maximum Flakes
A36C755B C2484287