Game Saves

Kingdom Of Paradise
(10 Saves)
(22 Hits)
Total Game Saves
Filename: KingdomofParadise(TM)00005.pms
Filesize: 387,563 Bytes
Description: Saved Just Before Final Boss
Download: Here
Filename: KingdomofParadise(TM)00004.pms
Filesize: 387,455 Bytes
Description: Game 92% Complete, 39k Taichi, Regeneration Chi Pendant & Lots Of HP Potions
Download: Here
Filename: KingdomofParadise(TM)00006.pms
Filesize: 387,573 Bytes
Description: Have 98% Kempu, All San'yuan Kenpu & Saved Before Final Boss
Download: Here
Filename: KingdomofParadise(TM)00000.pms
Filesize: 387,392 Bytes
Description: Have Game Completed & Everything Open
Download: Here
Filename: KingdomofParadise(TM)00007.pms
Filesize: 387,569 Bytes
Description: Have 100% Kenpu With Many Items In Bank. (Second Time Through)
Download: Here
Filename: KingdomofParadise(TM)00002.pms
Filesize: 268,401 Bytes
Description: Start With Maximum Taichi.
Download: Here
Filename: KingdomofParadise(TM)00008.pms
Filesize: 387,572 Bytes
Description: Have 100% Kempu, Miracle Sword, Downloadable Kempu & All Free Style Scrolls Maxed Out
Download: Here
Filename: KingdomofParadise(TM)00001.pms
Filesize: 268,399 Bytes
Description: Start With Maximum HP.
Download: Here
Filename: KingdomofParadise(TM)00003.pms
Filesize: 268,400 Bytes
Description: Start With Maximum HP And Taichi.
Download: Here
Filename: KingdomofParadise(TM)00009.pms
Filesize: 28,282 Bytes
Description: Have All Downloadable Equipment & Kenpu
Download: Here